ADHD Fathers and their Family – Episode 9

Father’s Day Special – Getting Dad involved in the family

ADHD dad and his family

In an effort to help the ADHD parents Dr. Guffanti has posted a survey. This podcast is the answer to some of the questions posted there. This mom asks, “What can I do to help my husband who is ADD (not H) pay attention to his own kids and family and learn to plan ahead (even for just a day or two)?”

In this episode you will learn about family fundamentals:

  1. Setting the right priorities
  2. Evaluating eveyone’s learning and behavioral style
  3. Understanding the gender motivation differences
  4. Giving her husband the positive feedback he needs

Download Episode 9 here (mp3)

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4 Responses to ADHD Fathers and their Family – Episode 9

  1. Melissa says:

    My six year old boy, Josiah is crying when he or someone he cares about loses a game. If he wants someone to win a video game and they lose, he cries and gets mad at the other person playing claiming they cheated. He is obessive about having all the green rings in the pool – he screams and cries if he can’t have them and it seems unfair to let him have his way when he needs to share with others ?? He gets angry very easily and there should be no reason for him to act like that. Anger is rarely displayed in the home – there are no problems between us as parents etc. help please I have your book but haven’t finished reading it yet. Thank you

    • sguffanti says:

      Anger is the doorway into a man’s heart if you know how to walk through that door. I assume you have my, Does Your Child Really Have ADHD? book. You need to memorize the John Gray Love letter and walk your child through it. If you haven’t seen me do that when you get to that part of the book reply to this post and I will walk you through it.

      • Melissa says:

        Thank you – I will try those things. He is the middle of three boys and the littlest one (4) provokes him to anger all the time – I do my best to stay on top of it – but its hard to be referee all the time. Im also not sure when they just need to work it out amongst themselves. Thank you for your prompt reply.

  2. Stephen says:

    Between siblings teach them the fair fight. It is also in Does Your Child Really Have ADHD? This will make you a better referee and your boys will cool off a lot faster.

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