No Matter What The Label – Now What?

Labels often confuse rather than clarify. This video gives you the opportunity to take a practical step into working with your child’s strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. Watch it and put your results below.


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2 Responses to No Matter What The Label – Now What?

  1. ck says:

    AMAZING what you are saying!! I am a visual learner and I can’t sit and listen 10 mins of conversation. Now my son is 5.5 and he has issues with writing and reading and focusing. I was researching and I found your website.
    Interesting and I really like it

  2. sguffanti says:

    If your son is 5.5 then he is a hands-on learner and will be until around the age of 10. He learns best with movement. If you want him to learn to read and you have the time to play with him for half an hour 5 days a week then get Rocket Phonics. Rocket Phonics is a series of games that will take a 5 year old to 5th grade level in a year or two. It is guaranteed for 90 days and he will probably pick up a year or more during that time. You will notice the difference or just send it back either way you’ve spent 3 months playing games with your son so you can’t lose! (Click on Products tab)

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