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Does Your Child Really Have ADHD?

Does Your Child Really Have ADHD?

This expanded version of Dr. Guffanti’s popular workshop gives parents healing, hope, tools and solutions. This is the book about which parents say, “This saved our family.” This 138–page (full-size pages) book, which includes 2 cds of Dr. Guffanti’s ADHD talks, is a life-changing book for families. Free Gift with Purchase! You get our emailed gift booklet, “Hands-on Tips for Hands-on Learners and More!”

Written to answer the mother’s questions. This book gives the ADHD family hope and healing and covers the major issues of relationship building, school issues, and inattentiveness and why medicine is the wrong long term approach.

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The Purpose of Passion

The Purpose of Passion

Do you believe your children were designed for some greater purpose? Fuel their passion and watch their inattentiveness give way to focused intensity.  Passion is the most effective cure for inattentiveness. Learn its path and its pitfalls.

With Dr. Guffanti’s inspiring new book, The Purpose of Passion, your children will blossom! Laugh and cry as you learn how to create an environment that supports your child in finding and following the passion given by God. Home schooling offers the unique opportunity to do just this. Now includes The Purpose of Passion CD.

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Rocket Phonics Complete Reading Program

Rocket Phonics Complete Reading Program

Rocket Phonics Reading Program

Rocket Phonics,® multi-sensory, easy-to-use, and game-based, takes your beginning reader to 5th grade reading in two years or less. Rocket Phonics® is completely non-consumable. Perfect for all learning styles, essential for active learners, and recommended by John Taylor Gatto, who says: “Get ready to watch your miracle unfold with Rocket Phonics!”

A reading program for children ages 4 – 10, the Rocket Phonics kit contains:

1.  Two sets of Play & Read sound-picture cards that introduce the phonograms, or sounds, of the English language, along with instructions for games and variations.

2. Two Rocket Phonics books and Peeker focusing tool, and bingo chips. The books combine a Teacher’s Guide and two student readers of games, jokes and stories, as well as complete phonics instruction. The stories begin at 1st grade reading level and progress to 7th grade.


3. Folder with common word lists suitable for duplication, additional game sheets.

4. Two Rocket Phonics Treasure Hunts, prizes included.

5. Bonus gifts valued at over $100, including Big Movement Games for preschoolers and active learners; Word Find and Phrase Hunt Games, and 28 weeks of additional games, reading at each grade level, multi-sensory Spelling Strategy, and Writing Lessons perfect for grades K-1.

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Rocket Phonics Play & Read Cards

Rocket Phonics Play & Read Cards

Two sets of 36 cards representing all the sounds needed to pronounce all the words in the English language. Printed in full-color on high-quality card stock, each 2.5” X 3.5”card shows one sound and a picture containing that sound. Included are instructions for over six games and variations to learn all the sounds. Variations to best meet the needs of students’ different learning styles are included also. Ages 3 – 6.

One deck
Two decks

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